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A survey shows the number of bald eagles throughout Iowa is increasing

Posted: Sun, Feb 5, 2012 4:15 PM
Eaglet "D1" perches on a branch near the Decorah eaglecam nest

Since the bald eagle's return to Iowa in the late 1970s, their numbers have been on the rise.  The latest report by the Iowa DNR shows the numbers continued to rise in 2011.

91 of Iowa's 99 counties now are home to at least one bald eagle.  The DNR says there were a total of 290 bald eagle territories during 2011.  50 of those were first-time reports.  The DNR says it estimates that over 300 young eagles were born at various nesting sites throughout the state during 2011.

By comparison, there were a total of 265 territories in 2010, with 47 of those first time reports.  253 eaglets were hatched in 2010--50 less than in 2011.