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Garden at The Spectrum Network has been a success

Posted: Sun, Oct 9, 2011 7:19 PM

For the first time ever this year, a garden was planted behind the offices of The Spectrum Network in Decorah.

Spectrum Executive Director Toni Smith says the garden as been a big success and wil be done again next year.

Produce from the garden was used in two ways, says Smith.  Spectrum's Day Services Program used it to help teach their clients how to cook.  For instance, says Smith, a squash and maple syrup recipe was a big success. There was also a cucumber salad and a number of other dishes put together in the small kitchen at the Spectrum offices.

The produce was also used in Spectrum's Community Living Program, again as a way to teach clients how to cook--this time, in their homes.

The amount of produce harvested from the garden "exceeded all our expectations," says Smith--thanks in part to a sturdy and tall fence that kept out deer.

Decorah gardener David Cavagnaro helped to set up the garden at Spectrum.  Smith says Spectrum is committed to doing the garden again next spring.