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4H/FFA communications, clothing and foods contests

Posted: Sun, Jul 18, 2010 2:27 PM

Winners have been announced in the 2010 4-H/FFA clothing, communications and foods categories.  Over 50 kids participated.

Clothing Selection, Fashion Revue and Clothing exhibits:

Kristen Flak and Devin Brincks will represent Winneshiek County at the Iowa State Fair in the 4-H Clothing Selection contest.  Alternate State Fair were awarded to Annelise Keune with two dresses.  Honorable mention awards went to Megan Lien, Lucas Brincks, Mikayla Llien, Hanna Schmitt, Lydia Dawley, Ashley Kurash, McKinley Lillegraven, Marissa Foels and Logan Brincks.

In the Fashion Revue division, in which the members made their outfits, Kayla Bucheit and Laura Francois will represent Winneshiek County at the Iowa State Fair.  Honorable mention awards went to Logan and Lucas Brincks.

In the "$15.00 Challenge," in which kids go to garage sales, consignment stores or other venues to find an outfit for $15.00 or less, Laura Francois and Becca Lensing will represent Winneshiek County at the Iowa State Fair.  Receiving honorable mention was Kandise Hauber.  

4-H members that will be going to state fair with their Clothing Exhibits are Ashley Schwartzhoff, Annelise Keune, Mikayla Lien, Eleanor Lofte, and Laura Francois.  Alternates for State Fair are Megan Lien, Kayleigh Hauber, Kaytlan Langreck, Kayla Bucheit, Kristen Flak and Marissa Foels.  Honorable Mention with their clothing exhibits were Morgan Martin, Ashley Kurash, Jaden Anderson, Kalee Bigler, Anna Hanson (two outfits), Lee Balik and Kaytlan Langreck. One Clover Kid receiving a special honor was Bailey Miculinich.   

 In Foods Day judging Allison Sexton and Ashley Schwartzhoff were selected as Alternate State Fair exhibits.  4-H'ers receiving Honorable Mentions were Carlee Knutson, Devin Brincks, Brittany Nelson, Jared Bergan, McKinley Lillegraven, Kelly Rue, Morgan Bergan, Brianna Hauber, Marissa Foels, Kendra Berns, Madison Sexton, Mariah Schmitt and Logan Brincks.

Advancing to State Fair in Educational Presentations will be Kayleigh & Kandise Hauber, Micayla Christopher, Logan Brincks, Devin Brincks, Ashley Schwartzhoff and Kaytlan Langreck.  Alternate is Lucas Brincks. 

For the twelfth  year in a row, Winneshiek County had an extemporaneous Speaking contest.  Clara Bergan and Kristen Flak will represent Winneshiek County in the State Fair contest.  Mariah Schmitt will be the alternate for State Fair.  

The working exhibits that will be advancing on to State Fair will be Monica Ryant, Kelly & Nicole Kuboushek & Brandi Hageman; Brittany Nelson and Isaac & Aric Luzum; Kelley Hauber and Allison Kuboushek; and Kaytlan Langreck and Kayleigh Hauber. Alternate to the State Fair is Marissa Foels.    

Finally, the "Share-the-Fun" acts that will be advancing on to State Fair will be Annelise Keune with a piano solo; Emily Luzum with a piano solo and Josie Kriener with a vocal solo.  Alternate to the State Fair is Nicole Schmitt with a piano solo.