Vote and Support Gary Rustad
for Mayor of the City of Decorah


     Hello, Iím Gary Rustad and Iím running for Mayor of Decorah. My wife, Bev, is an RN at Winneshiek Medical Center. We have been married over 31 years and have raised and educated our family here in Decorah. My son, Alex and his new wife, Jackie, live and work in Rogers, Minnesota and my daughter, Paige, works in the public library system in La Crosse while continuing her college education.
     Itís been my honor to have served on the Decorah City Council for close to twenty years. Itís equally my honor to have served for the past twelve years as Mayor Pro-Tem under our current Mayor, Don Arendt. During my time, I have served as chairman of the Street Committee, as well as served on the Utility, Community Betterment and Personnel committees. I also represent the city on the Winneshiek Community Foundation Board and serve on the governing board.
     As mayor, I want to see the city council work on attracting new businesses to our industrial parks that will offer new employment opportunities. Since Decorah has become a regional shopping destination, I would also like to see the city council and the Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce work in cooperation to attract new retail businesses opportunities. At the same time, I would work with current business owners to help improve our local retail environment. Iíve always felt that the strength of a community lies in its downtown. I believe our downtown should be open to all people and traffic.
     Another avenue I believe we need to work on is new residential development that will offer opportunities for young families to be able to afford to make Decorah their home. We also need to continue the conversation about our infrastructure. With over fifty miles of local streets, along with miles of water and sewer lines, the need for updates and re-construction is always present.
     As a member of the city council, it has been a privilege to work with the many great city employees through our Street Department, Water Department, Park & Rec, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Library. Our outstanding and committed Volunteer Fire Department, Police Department and City Hall staff are second to none.
     I believe the position of Mayor is one of being a leading salesperson who is always putting the whole city first by actively talking positively of the many benefits the city of Decorah offers, as well as offering advice to the current and future city councils.
     I invite you to join me in seeing that all people are heard and their positions on different issues are listened to.

Please contact me:
by email at,
by mail at 820 East Main Street in Decorah
or by cell phone at (563) 380-0124.