Many of us know "what to eat," but why is it so hard?



We eat for many reasons other than "hunger."   I will help you identify these signs and situations and coach you on how to handle them.   I review your food records (as you submit) and give recommendations on how to make your diet healthier to lose weight or to help control a certain health condition that you have.   Your schedule and lifestyle are worked into the plan.

Education is also provided as needed or desired: reading food labels; comparing serving sizes versus portion sizes; fat/fiber/sugar content of foods; strategies to eat healthier during the holidays and social gatherings while still enjoying some of your favorite foods; whole foods versus processed foods, etc.   Together, we set realistic goals and I help motivate you to accomplish them.

We can meet at various locations:
--Your home: you are in your personal space and it doesn't interfere with your work hours; it allows us to look at what foods you are currently eating, etc
--Your office: we can meet over a lunch hour etc, which saves you time with leaving work.
--My house: which provides an area away from others and is confidential.
(Office and home visits depends on distance from Decorah.)

Cost: $85 per hour, $45 per 30 minutes.


Call e-mail me or call me: or (563) 379-0366.

--Jacky Budweg, Registered/Licensed Dietitian