A Toys Go Round membership is a gift that keeps giving.  Here's a look at some of the toys available to check out:

1.     Toys for infants & toddlers

2.     Have a family game night!
3.     We have farm toys
4.     Legos, of course!
5.     Riding toys for outdoors
6.     Electronics for kids
7.    Puzzles
8.     Lots of cute toys!

9.     Over 1,000 toys to choose from! Toys are checked out just like you check out books in a regular library. Members can check out an unlimited number of toys for a three week period, bring them back clean and then check out more toys!

10.  For details about a TGR membership, visit our website
  Toys Go 'Round

Call us at 563-277-5184

Visit us in the lower level of the Decorah Public Library at 202 Winnebago Street in Decorah.