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The Mason Jennings benefit concert for Seed Savers Exchange this Saturday has been postponed due to area flooding and predicted thunderstorms on Saturday

Mass on the Grass at St. Benedict School Saturday and all related events have been canceled due to current and predicted adverse weather conditions.

UPDATE: Governor Branstad surveys flood damage in Northeast Iowa
Posted: Fri, Aug 26, 2016  9:59 AM
First stop was in Freeport [Full Story]
TOP STORY: Decorah Schools to open Friday
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  4:39 PM
School District issues special press release related to flooding issues [Full Story]
How Winneshiek County will pay for improvements at its landfill
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  4:59 PM
--by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
Dogs to take over the Decorah Pool on Sunday
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  4:57 PM
Decorah Schools welcome new staff for the year
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  4:54 PM
Water: a special report
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  12:49 PM
Angling Industry of Driftless Area [Full Story]
Thursday noon flooding information
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  12:09 PM
WMC announces graduates of Babysitter Training
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  12:29 AM
"Thunder Rode" dance and silent auction is Saturday
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  11:05 AM
Flooding update
Posted: Thu, Aug 25, 2016  8:14 AM
Emergency Flood Information
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  7:31 PM
Precautions, waste disposal, shelter, water conservation [Full Story]
Be safe when cleaning after flooding
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  8:33 PM

Recent News

Updated road information (as of Wednesday, 3 p.m.)
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  7:46 PM
Spillville deals with Turkey River flooding
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  8:43 AM
More Flood pictures!
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  12:50 AM
Water: a special report
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  12:36 PM
Storm runoff and urban water pollution [Full Story]
"Candidate class" being offered this September
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  10:30 AM
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  8:51 AM
Heavy rains lead to flooding in Decorah and Spillville [Full Story]
Pet safety during the flood
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  9:13 AM
6:35am Wednesday: 7.58 inches of rain falls on Decorah
Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016  6:32 AM
Flood warnings are in effect until at least 12:45 p.m. [Full Story]
New teachers in the Decorah School District
Posted: Tue, Aug 23, 2016  9:00 AM
Water: a special report
Posted: Tue, Aug 23, 2016  1:14 PM
The Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico's "Dead Zone" [Full Story]
Decorah Park Board agrees to "limited" deer hunt
Posted: Mon, Aug 22, 2016  6:25 PM
Water: a special report
Posted: Mon, Aug 22, 2016  7:02 PM
The three components of water pollution [Full Story]
"Water: A special report"
Posted: Sun, Aug 21, 2016  2:51 PM
The current state of water quality in Iowa [Full Story]
first on Winneshiek County Landfill is about to open a $6 million addition
Posted: Sun, Aug 21, 2016  2:46 PM
A three-part special report [Full Story]
Carlson begins third year as Luther President
Posted: Thu, Aug 18, 2016  2:12 PM
Letter to the Editor: There should be six debates in the First Congressional District
Posted: Wed, Aug 17, 2016  2:04 PM
--by Decorah resident Jill Amdahl [Full Story]
New Seed Savers Exchange board member named
Posted: Wed, Aug 17, 2016  1:50 PM
Crime in Decorah was down very slightly in 2015
Posted: Tue, Aug 16, 2016  1:24 PM
Viking Theatre to rebuild parking lot
Posted: Tue, Aug 16, 2016  1:07 PM
Decorah School Board begins to regroup after City Council rejects idea of property purchase in downtown Decorah
Posted: Mon, Aug 15, 2016  9:55 PM
Decorah resident pitches another possibility [Full Story]
Decorah City Council tables deer hunting proposal
Posted: Mon, Aug 15, 2016  7:57 PM
Decorah to buy a $900,000 fire truck from Indianola
Posted: Mon, Aug 15, 2016  7:56 PM
Regional Health Services of Cresco is offering a new service for seniors
Posted: Mon, Aug 15, 2016  2:03 PM
Will help them face the challenges of aging [Full Story]
Sheriff's Department arrests a Cresco man
Posted: Thu, Aug 11, 2016  12:15 PM
Clean Water Fundraiser being held later in August
Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016  1:56 PM
City of Decorah receives a $975 grant
Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016  2:35 PM
New Minowa Players performances begin Thursday
Posted: Wed, Aug 10, 2016  11:43 AM
North Winneshiek sets consolidation time schedule
Posted: Tue, Aug 9, 2016  9:49 AM
Yard Waste Site will be open the rest of this week
Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2016  4:27 PM
Decorah 4H-er earns statewide poultry project award
Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2016  2:43 PM
Harmony, Minnesota man arrested on multiple charges
Posted: Mon, Aug 8, 2016  10:58 AM
ArtHaus receives 2016 Governor's Art Award
Posted: Sun, Aug 7, 2016  8:20 AM
Downtown discussion: Is it time to try diagonal parking?
Posted: Sun, Aug 7, 2016  8:02 AM
--by's Paul Scott [Full Story]
More storm damage photos
Posted: Fri, Aug 5, 2016  12:09 PM
Still more storm damage photos
Posted: Fri, Aug 5, 2016  1:29 PM
WMC Board approves purchase of a new MRI machine
Posted: Tue, Aug 2, 2016  5:52 PM
Trout Run Trail project details released by DNR
Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2016  1:15 PM
Letter to the Editor #1: Nordic Fest Parade crasher
Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2016  11:50 AM
by Judy Ehler of Ossian [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor #2: Nordic Fest Parade crasher
Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2016  11:32 AM
by Jim Dale of Decorah [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor #3: Nordic Fest Parade crasher
Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2016  4:16 PM
--by Mike Rothwell of Burr Oak [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor #4: Nordic Fest Parade crasher
Posted: Wed, Aug 3, 2016  4:39 PM
--by Dwight Jones of Waukon [Full Story]
Letter to the Editor #5: Nordic Fest parade crasher
Posted: Thu, Aug 4, 2016  10:35 AM
Letter to the Editor: Parade float
Posted: Tue, Aug 2, 2016  2:48 PM
by Cliff Carey of Decorah [Full Story]
Gas prices sink below $2/gallon in Decorah
Posted: Tue, Aug 2, 2016  2:33 PM
Website explains voting issues in Iowa
Posted: Tue, Aug 2, 2016  2:08 PM
July was wet in Decorah
Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2016  1:28 PM
Letter to the Editor: Wait to put out chairs before Nordic Fest Parade
Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2016  1:31 PM
by Bev Nichols [Full Story]
Police had a quiet Nordic Fest
Posted: Mon, Aug 1, 2016  9:21 AM